Marketing. Development. Design. Production.

Leaving no piece unturned.

Delivering compelling communication tools that make it easy to manage your day-to-day responsibilities. Our priority is to lay a solid foundation for a great working experience and relationship – from planning, to delivery, and beyond.

The Journey

Detail Media & Communications is currently moving towards its tenth year in business. Our wide range of bilingual solutions incorporate and embrace customer relationships, by offering the most hands-on approach to all services. We absolutely love to challenge ourselves, and never shy away from new opportunities.

We are a team with long standing commitment, and the experience to meet all necessary specifications. Our approach to each project is diligent, creative, and determined; as we strive to offer concentrated implementation through the latest communication initiatives.

We hold ourselves privileged to have had the opportunity to work with many fantastic groups, organizations, and businesses, so early on in our business lifespan.


We offer a variety of professional creative services. There is no project too big or too small. Larger projects will require the development of a proposal, while smaller projects are submitted through estimated quotes. Our promise is to evaluate the scope of work with detail, and to provide a pricing list that is clear and concise.

Strategic Communications
A focus on the consultation and or delivery of communication services such as branding, strategic and marketing plans, finance management, market research and campaign development. We also offer such things as presentation template development, as well as search engine optimization and marketing. You know, the kind of technical stuff that is important for a successful business, but also that thing you don’t have time for. Let us help.
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Design & Coordination
We love to graphic design. We can also coordinate pretty darn well. What does graphic design stand for, you say? Think brand discovery packages, client engagement elements, advertisement campaign artwork, posters, billboards, online advertising, and guerilla marketing concepts. Need something different that we may have never heard of before? We are sure to handle it.
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Website Development
Experienced in professional website development, based on the combination of ideas from our expertise and those of the client. Each website includes a simplified content management system for website editing on the go. We aim to deliver creative layouts constructed with precise detail, combined with a specific toolset that will help you run a successful organization and or business.
Photo & Video Production
Help all facets of your marketing succeed with the use of authentic photography and professional videography. Production elements that speak directly about your business and to your target audience. We offer professional photography and videography services to any organization or business. We also work with many other talented local professionals, for those larger, more dynamic projects. The north is filled with fantastic camera handlers. And we love to grow.

All in the Detail

We offer invaluable hands-on solutions to all specialized marketing and communication services delivered. Our detailed focus and flexible versatility are sure to encourage a positive foundation of customer relationships.


No matter the size of a project, we always rely on your input to compliment ours. We need for you to be completely satisfied with the result.


Attention to detail has become part of our nature. We take time for each project, making sure no piece of the puzzle goes unturned.


We are always ahead of the game, using the newest versions of technology and enhancing ways for you to interact with customers.


We wear many hats and provide a variety of services that lend us the opportunity to deliver a complete business package.


Project management is always on our side. We understand the importance of time and what it takes to get the job done on schedule.


Whether it’s a simple revision or a question that needs answering, we work in your favour and try to be accessible at all times.

Submit a Service Request

Since you now have a better idea of what we can offer, it is time to get to work! If there is a service that interests you, please submit one or more service forms that relate to your needs. We’ll kindly get back to you with a prompt response.



We aim to make an impression on many different social mediums. This modernized application brings them together and allows the viewer to connect with any message we are trying to deliver. Want something like this on your website? Simply get in touch and we can make it happen.

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