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Monthly Magic! Amplify your online presence with tailored digital marketing.

Managing a business is a complex endeavor, and we’re here to ease the load by ensuring your marketing remains vibrant and consistent. Tailored for you, our professional team of content creators can truly make a difference in enhancing your online presence.

Whether you’re a startup aiming for a robust online foundation, a growing enterprise seeking expanded visibility, or an established brand striving for continuous innovation, our crafted plans offer scalable solutions.

All for one inclusive and affordable price!


The get what you need plan
$ 600 Monthly
  • Social Media Profiling (1 network)
  • Content Creation (1 design & copy)
  • Content Management (1 post)
  • Stock Photography (3 photos)
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Priority Service (4 day turnaround)

Looking for a custom plan? Let us know what you need and we will build it.


The make a difference plan
$ 1,200 Monthly
  • Social Media Profiling (3 networks)
  • Content Creation (3 designs & copy)
  • Content Management (3 posts)
  • Paid Placement Budget ($150)
  • Brand Kit Template Access
  • Unlimited Stock Photography
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Priority Service (3 day turnaround)

Service Add-Ons

  • Search Engine Optimization $200

    Boost your organic online visibility and rankings with our monthly search engine optimization service.

  • Search & Display Marketing $300

    Maximize your brand's reach and engagement with our comprehensive Google search and display marketing service. Includes $150 for monthly paid placement budget.

  • Digital Video Marketing $300

    Have a promotional video? Elevate your brand through compelling visuals and storytelling with our YouTube video marketing service. Includes $100 for monthly paid placement budget.

  • Campaign Concept Request Quote

    Craft a seamless and impactful brand narrative with our communication plan service, ensuring strategic messaging across channels for maximum engagement and resonance.

  • Video Production Request Quote

    Bring your brand to life with our monthly video production service, delivering captivating content to engage and inspire your audience. In collaborative partnership with Casa di Media Productions.

  • Photography Request Quote

    Capture your brand's essence every month with our professional photography production service, delivering stunning visuals to elevate your visual identity. In collaborative partnership with Casa di Media Productions.

Services & Benefits

We have taken the guessing game right out of your digital marketing equation by offering one valuable set of services at an affordable price. These inclusive plans are available at a monthly or annual price point.

Social Profiling

Expertly crafted and consistently managed social media profile graphics that resonate with your brand identity.

Content Creation

Transform your social media presence with dynamic designs and accompanied copy to amplify your brand's impact.

Content Publishing

Timely published content that ensures consistent, engaging, and on-brand messaging across social platforms.

Unlimited Photography

Get unlimited access to our library of stock images, ready to consistently match the rest of your brand's style and imagery.

Brand Kit Templates

Empower your in-house creativity with access to branded design templates that streamline your visual communication.

Paid Placement

Optimize your strategic marketing impact with a dedicated ad buy budget, ensuring targeted visibility and a maximum return.

Monthly Reporting

Receive actionable insight and tracking methods of marketing analytics with monthly reports on published content.

Priority Service

As your dedicated marketing manager, we will complete most monthly requirements within 72 hours of your request.

Google Platforms

Navigate your digital landscape with precision by leveraging our expertise to optimize your online presence.

Campaign Concept

Shape a compelling brand story through communication plan services, promising optimal engagement and resonance.

Video Production

Revitalize your brand with monthly video production services, delivering content that captivates and inspires engagement.


Capture the essence of your brand on a monthly basis with our expert photography service, set to enhance your visual identity.

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