Ontario ECE Grants


The coordination and delivery of a complete marketing campaign that educates and creates awareness of the Ontario ECE Grants funding program. A program dedicated to people who work in the field of Early Childhood Education, and wish to earn their Qualifications Upgrade or Leadership certification.

The North Bay Regional Health Centre was seeking a qualified and committed team, capable of expanding the awareness of the Ontario ECE Grants program, and increasing the number of applicants they receive per semester – through strategic educational advertising and relatable initiatives.

Our latest focus of the campaign was to find a way to automate the application process, while continuing to build credible, program awareness. This has resulted in more interest and applicants for all funded programs.

Key Initiatives

Casa di Media Productions is a collaborative partner for video modules used within the marketing campaign.

Fat Black Cat Studio is a collaborative partner for a portion of the video animation modules used within this project initiative.

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