Does your website need a new home?

Are you struggling with a slow website, outdated plugins, broken features, or all of the above?

Introducing the Ultimate Hosting Plan. Inclusive hosting and maintenance features at a very affordable price point. Sign up today and take advantage of free website migration and a one year discount on our dedicated hosting platform.

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Running a business is no easy task, so we’re here to help take a bit of the burden with professional hosting built specifically for WordPress websites like yours. Don’t let the small tasks get in the way of big goals.

Take your hosting to the next level with our Ultimate Hosting Plan. Offload tedious tasks like daily backups, weekly maintenance, malware protection, as well as plugin and theme updates to our dedicated team.

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Hosting Features

We have taken the guessing game right out of your hosting equation by offering one valuable set of hosting features at an affordable price. This inclusive plan is available at an annual price point for domain, hosting, email, managed updates and backup services, as well as uptime, security, and performance monitoring. 

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Up to 65GB of storage and 625GB of bandwidth per hosted website.

550,000 Visits per Month

Reach up to hundreds of thousands of visitors per month.

Free SSL Certificate

Improve website security and search engine ranking with a free SSL certificate.

Google Cloud Platform

Keeping your WordPress website fast, secure, and running smoothly.

Fastly CDN Integration

A Content Delivery Network speeds up page loads for your site’s visitors.

Nightly Backups & Restore

Our server will perform nightly backups, and will be ready to restore in an instant.

Managed Plugin Updates

No more outdated plugin issues. We'll take a hard look at your active plugins and make the necessary updates for you.

Malware Scans & Removal

If your website gets hacked, we'll help clean it up at no additional cost.

Performance Scans

Our team will perform weekly scans that give insight on website performance, making sure that site speed is efficient.

Database Optimization

We'll keep things tidy and light on the backend with monthly cleanups.

Real-time Uptime Monitoring

If your website goes down, we'll be the first ones to know about it.We'll stop everything to troubleshoot and restore.

Priority Support

Expert WordPress support and guidance with technical website troubles.

Make the Switch

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You may be eligible for a discount on the first year of hosting within our platform.

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