Rock on the River


The Timmins Festivals & Events Committee was in search of a skilled and dedicated team with the expertise to promote the Rock on the River music festival, enhancing its visibility and frequency. The goal was to elevate its regional impact and foster increased audience engagement.

Based on ticket sale data, the culmination of this five-month (164 days) endeavor resulted in an impressive return on investment, averaging approximately 28 tickets sold per day. The overall revenue generated during the campaign reached approximately $339,881. As anticipated, ticket sales per day exhibited a demographic trend, steadily increasing as the festival approached. Notably, from July 9 to July 22, we observed a substantial surge in website traffic, with over 18,000 users visiting during that period.

Beyond the initial marketing elements, our collaborative partners, Casa di Media Productions, produced video assets that fully enriched the campaign. Find them all on the Rock on the River YouTube channel.

Key Initiatives

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