Healthy Kids Community Challenge

The coordination and delivery of a complete marketing campaign that educates and creates awareness for the Healthy Kids Community Challenge, Power Off and Play initiative. A program dedicated to promoting healthy habits and lifestyle for children in the community of Timmins.

Misiway Milopemahtesewin was seeking a qualified and committed team, capable of expanding the reach and frequency of their educational campaign – which focused on reducing children’s recreational and sedentary screen time.

Our team delivered successful promotional campaign, and reached a high level of engagement within the targeted demographics.

Key Initiatives

  • The delivery of a project management plan is included with all campaign services
  • Development of an online presence that speaks directly to the campaign and its objectives
  • Dedicated social mediums used to support campaign initiatives, set to create engagement amongst a target audience
  • A set of design elements that are used to promote the campaign message
  • Animated explainer videos that educate on funding opportunities and instruct on how to apply
  • Video productions serving as a summary for the project and its deliverables.

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