BEAM Now Available | Website Development & Technology Funding

Does your organization or company need a new online presence but lacks the funds to get it done? What if we told you that a little bit of paperwork can go a long way in establishing funds to enhance your website. It's pretty simple stuff and it's now available to Northeastern Ontario organizations and businesses as we speak!
- comment | February 16, 2017

Gatorade | The World Re2pects

No matter how you swing it, Derek Jeter is a legend. A player with true, passionate, loyalty for baseball. After hearing all of the troubles the NFL has been falling into lately, it's a breath of fresh air to think that authentic professional athletes still exist... for now. Congratulations to Gatorade (with the help of Jeter himself) for giving the Captain a stylish send off. And in Jeter fashion, he decides to thank his surroundings.
- comment | September 20, 2014
detail media business card back-blog

Business Cards | Concept

Ever want to design a business card but not really know what you want to place on it? You're thinking "There's not enough room on here to display an impactful message". HOGWASH. Think again, pals!
- comment | August 1, 2014

Marketing 101 | TD Automated Thanking Machine

This week's marketing 101 example pulls at some emotional heartstrings. It's the new fad in marketing. Giveaway some things, personalized things and make sure you record it. Then turn it into a viral video. It's a simple combination that works all too well. Congratulations TD, you almost had yourself a new customer.
- comment | July 30, 2014

Volkswagen | The Message

Whoa. It's really hard to describe what we are sharing with you today. If this doesn't get the message out to not text and drive, we are really not quite sure what will. Impressive. Simple. Impactful. Once again, it does not cost a billion dollars to get the message across.
- comment | June 9, 2014
a1 sauce-blog

Marketing 101 | A.1. Sauce

We've all been through it. A tough breakup, a the social media games that usually come with it. See what A.1. Sauce did with the rebranding of their product, removing the word 'Steak' from its brand; implying that A.1 sauce can be friends with more than just... steak.
- comment | May 16, 2014
cdspc traiing-blog

Detail Media | Training Sessions

With each Detail Media developed website, we offer a recommended service that most companies find is the most important aspect of having a new website; the tools and the trade to manage is on your own. That is why we recommend the add-on of the personalized training manual and one-to-one training session with all website management staff members.
- comment | March 10, 2014
canada shared-blog

WildExodus Adventures | Canada Shared

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Detail Media recently had the opportunity to attend the second annual Canada Shared, Canada Squared event in London, UK. An experience of a lifetime, taking it all in and learning from this adventure.
- comment | February 28, 2014

Production | A Summer

Summer in Northeastern Ontario tells a story about a combination of experiences brought together. A glimpse of discovery in the northern wilderness. We've always loved piecing together these types of videos. Something that gets the people going. During the production stage, I remember watching this over and over in order to keep me focused on the video’s intent. It just motivated. And it still has the same effect today.
- comment | January 12, 2014