The Town of Cobalt approached us in a bit of a panic, as their website was struck by hackers and had to be shut down. They immediately needed assistance with the re-imagination of their town’s website. We got to work right away, and helped deliver a flowing website that is easy to navigate and interactive at the same time.

They were looking for an interactive and user friendly website that promoted its municipal services, with a focus on tourism. The Town of Cobalt is a historic gold mine, with plenty of stories to tell. This is what we decided to portray throughout their online presence. Using new and old photography to establish some nostalgia to the old while educating the new.

Detail Media acknowledged what we were looking for and delivered exactly that. We had quite a few revisions when it came down to seeing the complete website. They were very accommodating to making those changes, in order to get us exactly what we were looking for.

Candice Bedard – Town of Cobalt