Big Water Campgrounds was looking for an online presence dedicated to the enhancement of their seasonal campground’s appeal. The campground is located just minutes from downtown Timmins and is one of the more popular campgrounds found in the region.

Detail Media was contracted to develop a website presence that was simple, user-friendly, and easy to manage. We delivered on that and more. Offering a new look and feel to the campground’s online presence, one that started with a newly branded logo and made its way into the development of an interactive campground map that displays lot availability. The website is very easy to get through, and is packed with informal pages.

Great work done on the website Jamie and team! When dealing with people like ourselves who are not quite as knowledgeable about computers as we should be, you took a lot of time to explain things to us and get us and our website where we are today. So, thank you.

Marian Tremblay – Big Water Campgrounds